The Global Asphalt Pavement Alliance (GAPA) was founded in 2008 by the Founding Associations.

It was a formalisation of the already existing good co-operation between global trade associations involved in the production and laying of asphalt.

The asphalt associations around the world are all facing similar challenges and they require a strategic and fundamental cooperation of its industry associations and representatives.

The GAPA members are convinced that global developments and challenges that are likely to impact the sustainability of the asphalt industry can best be dealt with in a framework of international cooperation which will provide systems for exchange of information and experiences in order to find common solutions.

The GAPA members acknowledge their good co-operation in the past and will base their future collaboration on the same mutual trust.


  • Australian Asphalt Pavement Association - AAPA
  • European Asphalt Pavement Association - EAPA
  • Japanese Road Contractors Association - JRCA
  • National Asphalt Pavement Association - NAPA
  • South African Bitumen Association – SABITA

Membership shall be open to regional and national trade associations whose activities are related to the production and laying of asphalt for pavements.


 The following key areas indicate those deemed to be strategic in respect of the competitiveness and the sustainability of asphalt and thus the future wellbeing of GAPA constituents, and shall provide the terms of reference for future discussions, meetings and activities.

A targeted approach to be adopted to deal with specific issues and agreed actions in respect of:

a) Environmental affairs

b) Occupational health and safety

c) Marketing and promotion of asphalt to counter the threat of alternative products;

d) Awareness and implications of changes and trends of global markets in relation to component materials, i.e. bitumen and aggregates;

e) Engineering and technology developments and implementation thereof;

f) Training and education of producers, applicators, designers and the users of asphalt;

g) Research and development goals and projects.



Due to limited resources, the effective ongoing operation of GAPA will rely heavily on Foundation Member commitment to both the ideals and administration of the entity. Individually and as a group, effective participation will be necessary to ensure currency and maintain member support within the following overview guidelines.

a) Hosting of meetings

i) Given the distances between the participants and the time and cost of travel, the scheduling of meetings should where practical be linked with that of an appropriate international conference. This may not necessarily be a conference staged by one of the alliance members, but one where alliance participants would separately gain benefit from attendance.

ii) Conference call facilities to be made available for all meetings to allow those who could not attend to participate

iii) An agenda and supporting materials shall be circulated at least one month ahead of the meeting.

Minutes of each meeting shall be prepared and circulated within one month after the meeting and shall clearly detail agreed actions, timeframes and responsible party’s.

iv) If appropriate or required, conference telephone calls between meetings may be used on an interim basis to deal with specific/single issues. An agenda or briefing note shall be provided at least 14 days in advance of such conference calls.


b) Costs

Costs for any meetings and conference calls shall be shared between the participating associations.

Administration, unless otherwise agreed, shall be the responsibility of the host Association (re meetings) or the lead party on an issue (re conference calls)


c) Who should attend

The CEO as well as the Chair of the respective Association will be invited to attend the meeting in order to work towards the ongoing attainment of the strategic and operational objectives.


d) Language

All correspondence and meetings to be conducted in English.


e) Chairmanship

i) The Global Asphalt Pavement Alliance (GAPA) will be chaired by one of the Chief Executive Officers of the Foundation Members for a term of one year. This term shall be renewable, but the Members consider a revolving chairmanship to be desirable.ii) The Chairman is elected by simple majority from all GAPA members.

iii) For his period of Chairmanship, the incumbent chairman shall assume full responsibility for:

- Administration

- Secretarial support (including agendas and minutes)

- Coordination of meetings and communications

- Production of newsletter (or communique) and offer documents

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